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Can you play Minecraft online on PC and Xbox together?

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Would like to play with kids on Xbox while in other room on PC.
Asked: 11:42 06/12/2016
mdkock 11:42 06/12/2016
Not at this time. Each edition is separate from each other (they are basically entirely different games that just look and play similar). Ideally they'd make them work together (I've sent feedback on the Feedback Hub to make the original and Win10 editions work together), but at this time it is impossible.
Personally, I'd recommend using two PCs (with the original edition of Minecraft) since you'll only need a single copy of the game (unless going on online servers). That would be the easiest, most inexpensive, and most flexible (the original edition supports thousands of mods/player-made content, has no limits, most content, no additional purchases).
You can sign-in with the same copy of the game (Mojang account) on any number of systems, and play on a LAN world (available from the pause menu on a singleplayer world) or run your own dedicated server on any PC (you don't need to connect it to the internet, just your home network). Other PCs on the network will detect it and be able to join in.
You could also use a second Xbox, or a second PC, with the Xbox or Win10 editions respectively, but you'll need separate copies of the game for each player.

Can you play Minecraft online on PC and Xbox together?

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