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cannot install iOS 9.3 on my iPad Air

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My iPad AIr successfully downloaded iOS 9.3 but cannot install it because it cannot verify it. "Because it is no longer connected to the Internet" (it is!). I've even connected to my MacBook Pro (which tells me that 9.2.1 is up to date) but I still get the same error message. rebooted, hard rebooted.
Asked: 23:24 11/04/2016
northernladuk 23:24 11/04/2016
Same here with my iPad and iPhone 5. Frustrating.
agill 23:24 11/04/2016

Apple are working on this problem update in a few days .


robinev 23:24 11/04/2016
I'm having the same prob with my iPad2. Looks like we'll just have to be patient until Apple gets a handle on this.
sdani 23:24 11/04/2016
I have the same issue with my iPad 4th gen and iPod Touch 5th gen
mikemagic 23:24 11/04/2016
Same issue. Ridiculous. Maybe someday Apple will leave the high-fashion business and do what it used to do best.
amnon 23:24 11/04/2016
I have the same problem here with iPad Mini on wi-fi. Change of internet provider (in the same area) does not help. (I've read in other thread that someone managed to "fix" this by connecting over 3G, but this is not an option for me.)

cannot install iOS 9.3 on my iPad Air

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