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Cannot restore iPhone backup ?

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I've recently restored my iPhone to its original settings and now I'm trying to restore my latest backup and it doesnt work. The message that I get is 'iTunes could not restore the iPhone because the backup was corrupt or not compatible with the iPhone that is being restore'.

Note: I backed up the file the day before restoring it to its original settings so I do not think that compatibility is an issue.

Thanks for any help.
Asked: 16:33 09/01/2016
flyer 16:33 09/01/2016
What probably happened there was a problem backing it up and it got corrupted. You may be out of luck unless you had an earlier backup that you can chose from.
seksaini 16:33 09/01/2016
If the backup you did before the restore is corrupt you could try to restore from your last sync. When selecting which backup to restore from your last sync will just show the device name without a date/time stamp. it may be out of date but it will be better then starting over.
caroline 16:33 09/01/2016
Same Problem , no Luck

even the when used the icloud backup it only restores an old copy not the most recent one and i don't know why
hey 16:33 09/01/2016
Same problem, all important notes is gone must be bugs within iOS

When I sync my iphone to iTunes, it shows backup completed and how come it was corrupt during restore.
cerberus 16:33 09/01/2016

I solved it !!

I had the same problem : can't restore a previous backup, even using right click on my iphone in Itunes.

I had a good backup in the directory :

C:\Documents and Settings\myuser\Application Data\Apple Computer\MobileSync\Backup

but Itunes didn't detect it.

So I copied the full "Backup" directory in another location (copied, not moved)

Then I create a new iphone with Itunes after restoring ipsw file, given the same name as it has previously.

I did a sync+backup.

At the end I checked the "Backup" directory and saw that Itunes recreated the same folder as the one I had copied earlier.

This time in Ituens when I right click my iphone, I have the menu "restore from backup". But before select this option, I just renamed the new created directory in Backup to xxx.old , and copy back the saved one (the one with same name) into the C:\Documents and Settings\franckca\Application Data\Apple Computer\MobileSync\Backup directory.

When the restoration was done, I recovered my last backup.

Hope this helps.

gfan 16:33 09/01/2016
i'm having a similar problem with a new iPad on a Mac -- i can't get older backups to restore any better than new ones, and it typically takes half an hour to fail, while maxing out all available RAM (on Mountain Lion).

I am trying to restore from backup in order to clear off 11GB of phantom ("Other") memory use on the iPad that is probably left over from apps dying with large undeleted work file data remnants.

anybody get the above solution to work? i haven't gone to the level of restoring to factory defaults if i can't be assured of getting back the several hours of preferences that would be lost if i can't restore from backups. i have about 1GB of data free on a 64GB iPad -- i can start deleting music or movies to free up space, but that's really beside the point when there is more than 1/6 of the available space lost to garbage, which is growing every time i sync the device....

the latest restore attempt just failed with the same error message as before

any help?
chrisblore 16:33 09/01/2016
Hi cerberus I'm having the same problem there has just been an update to iTunes so it appaers the problem hasn't been dealt with as it's still occuring.

Where abouts do i go/click to get to the location:-

C:\Documents and Settings\myuser\Application Data\Apple Computer\MobileSync\Backup ?


P.S do apple themselves read these pages anyone know?
chrisblore 16:33 09/01/2016
P.s i use a Mac.

cerberus 16:33 09/01/2016
Hello Simon,

I do not use Mac to sync my IOS device. But did you try into the following location :



/Volumes//Users//Library/Application Support/MobileSync/Backup

To go into those folders, use the "Go" menu in Finder (while your press the "Alt" option key). You'll see the Library icon appearing in the list, and just click on it, and navigate to subfolders.

Hope this helps.
misohoni 16:33 09/01/2016
Franck, you are the MAN!

Cannot restore iPhone backup ?

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