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cannot verify update on iphone

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My iPhone 5 prompted me to update to the new iOS, but then a pop-up window appears saying that the update cannot be verified because I'm no longer connected to the internet, which is not true as I use wifi to connect. What do I do?" >" >
Asked: 15:51 11/04/2016
dynatim 15:51 11/04/2016
Same here...

And iTunes keeps telling me my version 9.2.1 is the latest, so I can't update from there...
infomedia 15:51 11/04/2016
Apple pulled back their update due to a problem that was preventing users who forgot their iCLoud password to activate their devices. So they blocked other phones from updating until they solve this issue.
dynatim 15:51 11/04/2016
Ah, good to know. Thanks !

cannot verify update on iphone

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