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Chameleon VPN Protocol ETA?

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Hi everybody!

I use VyprVPN since a couple of month on my PC and on my iPhone.

But the Chameleon protocol is still not available...

Any ETA?
Asked: 11:00 26/03/2016
thebassman 11:00 26/03/2016
The Apple Support Community does not provide support for non-Apple products. You should contact the developers' tech support for help.
hellokap 11:00 26/03/2016

They answered: "Apple has not accepted our requests to include the Chameleon protocol in the VyprVPN iOS app".

vlead 11:00 26/03/2016
Nobody here would know. These are user to user forums. We don't work for Apple.
hellokap 11:00 26/03/2016
Okay.. I'm trying to contact apple, we will see.


Chameleon VPN Protocol ETA?

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