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Change Apple Watch Device Name?

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Apple Community,

I have two Apple Watches, one for myself and one for my wife. We both use the same Apple ID and password for everything. How can I change the Apple Watch device names for each of the watches? This is what I see under my devices.

Thank you,


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Asked: 08:09 05/03/2016
enterprise_seo 08:09 05/03/2016
Hi Jose

Your best solution is to use separate Apple IDs coupled with Family Sharing, with each person's iPhone (and other devices) signed in to their own Apple ID. Certain features will likely not otherwise work as intended.

Create a new Apple ID for yourself or your wife:

To continue sharing purchases (including past purchases), set up Family Sharing:

Set up Family Sharing - Apple Support

Before starting this process, whomever is going to be set up with the new Apple ID should initially unpair their watch:

- Unpair your Apple Watch and iPhone - Apple Support

Once the new Apple ID has been created and is being used on their iPhone, they should then pair their watch to their iPhone again (perhaps as a new watch), this time under their new Apple ID:

Set up your Apple Watch - Apple Support
jaxxkr 08:09 05/03/2016
Thanks for the suggestion but this isn't really the route I would like to take. We don't use family sharing and prefer not to. Any other ideas? It would be awesome if Apple would just allow that device name field to be changed within the Apple Watch app.
enterprise_seo 08:09 05/03/2016
To change the name for your watch:

On your iPhone, in the Watch app, go to: My Watch> General> About> Name> edit the name.
jaxxkr 08:09 05/03/2016
It worked! Awesome thanks!!
enterprise_seo 08:09 05/03/2016
You're welcome!

Change Apple Watch Device Name?

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