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Cortana does not recognise UK English

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Just started using Cortana. But she did not recognise English (UK). I downloaded the English (UK) language pack. Cortana confirms it is installed, but still will not allow me to specify it as the speech language. I did a reboot, just in case, but that made no difference. What am I missing?

I'm using a Sony VAIO all-in-one with Windows 10.

Asked: 18:33 15/01/2016
kaver68 18:33 15/01/2016
Check your keyboard and region settings, are they set to the UK as well?
sy_dick 18:33 15/01/2016
Got to admit I have had some serious laughing sessions with Cortana coming up with some really funny interpretations of what I have said, it must be my cockney accent, or maybe the shape of my mouth, but she is some funny girl

PS Do I recognise you from maybe a Skype forum Mr Techfreak, or is it someone else by that name.

Cortana does not recognise UK English

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