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delete application

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i am messaoudi ****, i have an iPhone 6 plus, i've made a mistake and deleted the application imovie from my phone and i cant redownloead it because it's not free,so pleaaaaaaaaase tell me how can i recover the application imovie please please please !!!!!
Asked: 12:45 27/04/2016
search 12:45 27/04/2016
Any app you purchased can be re-downloaded for free.
aspen 12:45 27/04/2016
HI, thak you so much for answering my question but please tell me how can i te download iMovie for free?
search 12:45 27/04/2016
2 ways:

1. App Store> Updates> Purchases> My Purchases> Not on this iPhone> select app

2. App Store> Search> your app> select cloud download

NOTE: if the app was originally purchased using a different iTunes account ID, you'll have to sign out of your current iTunes account and sign in with the other Apple ID. Otherwise you'll have to pay again.
aspen 12:45 27/04/2016
Hello, Thank you so much for your help,actually that's exactly what you say I had this iPhone as a gift from a friend who used it before me the applcation iMovie is a gift from Apple when I used this phone I deleted my freind's id and used mine but I saw that there an update in the App Store I knew that I have to delete the application that I can update it but when I delete it I couldn't re download it cause I have to pay and I can't do that even my friend can't and I think sadly that I can't recover the application. But I want to know for examplet if I go to apple and ask them to give me the application do you think that they can give it to me or maybe sale it? Thank you again
ojm 12:45 27/04/2016
The app is not yours (it is your friends) and it does not come with the phone. You will need to buy it for yourself. Apple will not "give" you the app because your friend "gave" it to you.
search 12:45 27/04/2016
Ownership of an app is not transferable. In fact, if you create another iTunes account for yourself using a different Apple ID, apps purchased under your original ID aren't transferable to the new ID.

Not sure exactly what you mean by "sale it", but you're certainly free to buy it for yourself.
aspen 12:45 27/04/2016
AH ok i see, Thank you so much for helping me
search 12:45 27/04/2016
You're welcome.

delete application

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