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delete apps on watch

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from the beging i could delete apps directly on the watch by pressing and holding like you delete apps on the phone

but now it dosent work? Is ther a setting or something i have set?

i Know that you can remove apps from the "watch" app.
Asked: 08:57 08/06/2016
duvetdave 08:57 08/06/2016
A restriction against deleting apps may have been enabled on your iPhone. To check if this setting has been enabled (and to turn it off), if the option is available to you: - On your iPhone, go to: Settings> General> Restrictions. RETRIEVED FROM THREAD: Cannot delete apps from Apple Watch
lucidnet 08:57 08/06/2016
Thanks for fast answer.

Restriction is off so it cant be that.
lucks 08:57 08/06/2016
Hi ..

Restart your Apple Watch> Restart your Apple Watch - Apple Support

Then try again.
lucidnet 08:57 08/06/2016
I Have restarted even factory reset still dosent work
lucks 08:57 08/06/2016
Is your Apple Watch software up to date?

Update the software on your Apple Watch
lucks 08:57 08/06/2016
Have you tried un pairing then re pairing your watch ?
lucidnet 08:57 08/06/2016
was un pairing before i did the factory reset
lucks 08:57 08/06/2016
Just so you are aware, to save you time in the future, mentioning in your first post what you have tried that didn't work helps.

"was un pairing before I did the factory reset"

Did you re pair the watch and Phone yet?

Are these third party apps you're trying to delete? Pre installed Apple apps cannot be deleted.

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lucidnet 08:57 08/06/2016
ok sorry

yes they are paired together everything works fine betven them

just that i cant remove 3 party apps like i could from the begining on the watch.
lucks 08:57 08/06/2016
Ok ..

At this point I suggest that you talk to Apple directly> Contact - Official Apple Support

delete apps on watch

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