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Deleting emails from watch and phone

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is it possible that when emails are deleted from the Apple Watch they delete from the phone it's linked to aswell??
Asked: 05:27 08/06/2016
con771 05:27 08/06/2016

Yes - deleting an email on Apple Watch also deletes it from the paired iPhone.

More information:
tommyg 05:27 08/06/2016
Thankyou for your swift reply, I've only had the watch outta the box an hour or so and I am still setting it up.

currently what I asked isn't happening between my devices is there a setting to turn this on/off or is it automatic?
con771 05:27 08/06/2016
The Mail app communicates automatically between the watch and paired iPhone.

For the best performance from your devices, keep both Bluetooth and Wi-Fi permanently enabled on your iPhone.

As you are just getting started with Apple Watch, you may find the following support resources helpful:

Apple Watch - Official Apple Support

Deleting emails from watch and phone

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