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disconnect a headphone from apple watch

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I want to know how to "disconnect" my headphone from the apple watch ?

thank you.
Asked: 08:57 04/01/2016
loum 08:57 04/01/2016

On your watch, go to the Home screen (via a single press of the Digital Crown)> Settings (cog icon)> Bluetooth.

Tap the Info icon "I" next to your headphones.

Tap on Forget Device.

More information:

Use Bluetooth accessories with your Apple Watch - Apple Support
pianoman 08:57 04/01/2016
Forget not means disconnect i need a way to temporary disconnect..
loum 08:57 04/01/2016
When using your watch to control music playback from your iPhone (ie with your iPhone as the source, instead of your watch), you can send audio to another device using AirPlay.

To do this, view the playback controls on your watch:

- In the Music app> Now Playing, or;

- In the Now Playing Glance (while viewing the time, swipe up from the bottom edge of the watch face to open Glances> swipe left / right to the Now Playing glance).

- Press firmly on the watch display> tap AirPlay> choose a different audio output.

disconnect a headphone from apple watch

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