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Do we have a software to backup our lumia device like iTunes in windows 10

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I want to backup the data of my Lumia 640XL device in my pc running with Windows 10. Do we have any software (like iTunes do for iPhones) in Windows.
Asked: 01:33 08/07/2016
bpcombs 01:33 08/07/2016
What do you want to backup?

OneDrive automatically backs up your photos and videos. Messages are backed up to OneDrive through the Messages app. Emails are kept on your various servers. Contacts are kept on OneDrive through the Contacts app. Settings, installed apps, and app data (for participating apps) are kept on OneDrive using the built-in automatic Backup function.

Are there particular pieces of data you would be missing?
uzer 01:33 08/07/2016
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atmannirvana 01:33 08/07/2016
Unfortunately no.

Do we have a software to backup our lumia device like iTunes in windows 10

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