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Does anyone has WP 8.0 Lumia Icon Firmware???

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I am looking forward on fixing my Icon's reddish/greenish/whatever display, which it's completely screwed by the 8.1 update.
But I need the original WP 8.0 firmware that came with it, at least ANY build of the 8.0 from the Verizon Lumia Icon/929.
Does anyone has it? or can anyone provide me a link to them? there's only one variant for this phone (RM-927), and please skip any Nokia server, because they're gone.
Anyone who could help me with this, I'd be very thankful (and If I manage to fix this problem, many other will likely, too)
Asked: 14:33 07/12/2016
photo_shooter 14:33 07/12/2016
Hi. doesn't have it?
david 14:33 07/12/2016
Hi. doesn't have it?Hi. And nope. It throws the last release for each device instead of the first build that the phone came with. I'm looking literally for ANY WP 8.0 Release made for the Lumia Icon so that I can test and see of I can fix my reddish screen.

Does anyone has WP 8.0 Lumia Icon Firmware???

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