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Does anyone have the bug with Apple watch that time not showing in Activity app? Is there a fix or we just have to live with it?

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I open a session of "indoor cycling" for 40 minutes, and while my calories burned are counted under "Move", under "Exercise" the time is not counted, still showing 0.

What should I do?
Asked: 17:22 22/09/2015
rxpress 17:22 22/09/2015
I had a similar experience yesterday. I walked for almost an hour over lunch, but I didn't receive any exercise minutes credits. I did receive calories used credits. Perhaps walking is not considered a strenuous enough exercise to qualify?

mobile_ark 17:22 22/09/2015
I've heard that the 'Exercise' ring only increases if you hit a percentage of your maximum BPM. For me, if I don't get a heart rate of 135 or more BPM, it doesn't seem to count. Workout activities don't seem to count either unless your heart rate reaches the target,

Max BPM = 220 - Age

Target Range = Max BPM * (0.70 to 0.85)
jkleensang 17:22 22/09/2015
Same issue here:

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vital 17:22 22/09/2015
I don't think the BPM correlation is correct, otherwise mine should still be a 0. I know that the first day I had the watch, I met my activity goal mostly with a long dog walk, nothing that would have gotten my heart rate up that high for an extended period of time.

Ah, the joys of being an early adopter!
vprp 17:22 22/09/2015
Exercise in the activity app is only credited with movement of the wrist, this means you invariably receive no credit for the treadmill or a static cycle machine. Setting up a cycle or indoor walk activity in the workout app won't help, the only activity in the workout app that will give you a credit in the activity app if you don't move your wrist is 'other'.
sudhani 17:22 22/09/2015
How much "movement" is required? Will attaching my watch to an ankle make it count, or is it more geographical distance covered? Although attaching to ankle will kill BPM measurement.
longcall911 17:22 22/09/2015
If for example you swing your arm whilst on the treadmill just as you do when walking for real, it will credit you time, please don't do this though it isn't safe, use the 'Other' activity in 'Workout'.
sarah_h 17:22 22/09/2015
Are you sure about that? I don't know if I swing my arms or not, but the treadmill (when set to 'indoor walk' in the workout app) and the watch registered the exact same distance travelled ?

(and my wife showed distance in her 'workout' - but none of that hit the exercise ring)

How is it calculating speed (pace) and distance - but not registering it as exercise?
softstor 17:22 22/09/2015
I just got my WATCH this afternoon and got it setup.

I went for an Outdoor Walk - and it seemed to count every minute of my walk.

For reference - I walked 2 miles in 30 minutes (so a 4 MPH walk).

It might be interesting to do some testing on a treadmill to see what paces are recorded as "exercise" ...
cydsp1 17:22 22/09/2015
I actually went for a morning jog with my Apple watch for the first time and it recorded the activity accurately. I also had another app on my iPhone at the same time. Except for the calories count, everything else was accurate. Will test it further when i go cycling tomorrow and see how accurate the activity stats are.

Does anyone have the bug with Apple watch that time not showing in Activity app? Is there a fix or we just have to live with it?

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