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Does anyone use Nokia Coloud pop headphones with the Lumia 1520?

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I have a pair of Coloud pops from Nokia that won't work with the Lumia 1520. They work for a few seconds and then the song gets automatically paused, but when you press the volume button it still shows headphones attached. When you press play it gets automatically paused after a few moments again. I kept the phone perfectly still with the headphones connected incase it was a loose connection but no avail. Tried soft reset too.

When I plug in the standard ones given in the box, all is fine though and no issues with playback, so I guess it won't be a jack issue.

Anyone else having problems with Coloud pops? The pin of the headphones has no visible damage too.
Asked: 12:42 26/03/2016
serep 12:42 26/03/2016
I do, I've the yellow ones and they work perfectly fine on WM10.
protoss 12:42 26/03/2016
they work fine with no problems when plugged into a laptop, nexus 5 and a Lumia 525

Does anyone use Nokia Coloud pop headphones with the Lumia 1520?

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