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Does the charging gets affected by changing the screen

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I have given my lg g2 fone for repair of the screen. Once i got it repaired, it seems the fone is not charging with the usual charger. even if it gets charged fully over a long time it wont stay for long.

Is it because the screen doesn't suit the fone or anything else?
Asked: 10:06 07/03/2016
western 10:06 07/03/2016
Welcome to MobiFAQ! It's certainly possible that in the process of changing the screen, the technician might have inadvertently damaged the charging port or the battery connections.

How did the screen break? If it was from a drop or water exposure, that could also have caused problems.
echelon 10:06 07/03/2016
I bought a used g2 and the seller didn't disclose that the screen was replaced. The charging port didn't work right either, and I suspect that it was damaged when replacing the screen

Does the charging gets affected by changing the screen

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