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Does the clear piece of plastic on the underside of the Apple Watch have to be present for the Watch to work?

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When I purchased my Apple Watch about 2 weeks ago, on the backside of the one side of the watch containing the metallic prong that the other side of the watch holds from, I found a small strip of a clear "tape"? Does that tape have any effect on the watch? Before I cut this clear strip off, want to make sure it has no effect on the Apple Watch as it's annoying me to no end. I have the blue sport band on my Apple Watch Sport.
Asked: 11:18 09/02/2016
gooner 11:18 09/02/2016

All plastic wrap should be removed from your watch and band. It should not be necessary to "cut" anything.
jvmills 11:18 09/02/2016
Oh gosh. Now I feel like a dummy. After seeing that, I started to peel the piece of tape off. It had no effect on the Watch whatsoever, and was attached as a temporary "clearcoat" to the metal prong's back and by slightly pulling backwards, pulled right off. Sorry I contacted, but I just didn't want to mess up and find something that really was necessary and problems occurred. Problem fixed.
gooner 11:18 09/02/2016
You are most welcome! There is no need to apologise or feel bad about asking - it is always best to check such things when you are unsure.

By the way: with the wrap now fully removed, your watch battery will likely also now charge more efficiently.

Does the clear piece of plastic on the underside of the Apple Watch have to be present for the Watch to work?

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