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Dtek50 LCD Replacement with a Alcatel Idol 4 LCD

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So I dropped my Dtek50, broke the LCD, I cant buy a LCD for my Dtek50 but I've read that the Alcatel Idol 4 is the same phone, can I use the LCD from the Alcatel Idol 4 on my Dtek50?
Asked: 00:30 08/12/2016
ptrmk 00:30 08/12/2016
Replacement LCD/Screen units for Dtek 50 in the UK
Most likely that's what this repair show has figured out....
But have not seen anyone say they did in fact order a Idol 4 screen as a replacement.
ClareHope 16:08 13/12/2016
Hi! alpinesprings,
I'm a repairer working in kynix semiconductors. I haven't met a problem like yours. But I asked my colleges.They say it may take some risks.

Dtek50 LCD Replacement with a Alcatel Idol 4 LCD

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