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Equaliser doesn't update, Audio isn't working also. What could the problem be?

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I have a Lumia 950 with preinstalled Windows 10 Mobile.

Everytime, when I enter the store, then I get an Information, that an update of "Equaliser" can't be installed.

When I look into the extras, I see the following screenshot:

" >

As you can see, the first entry is a bit wired and Audio isn't click able.

Can somebody tell me, how to solve this Problem!?

Asked: 09:48 02/02/2016
asing 09:48 02/02/2016
I had this problem on 10586.63. A bunch of system apps (equalizer, motion data, rate my device, etc.) wouldn't update, and I couldn't launch them from settings either. Then I found out that those system apps were somehow installed on my SD card. After I moved them to the internal storage, I was able to update the system apps, and everything works now. Maybe that'll work for you?
ryanallsi 09:48 02/02/2016

Sorry for the late Reply & thanks for sharing your ideas. - The Problem is, that I haven't installed a SDCard. So, this can't be the Problem at all.

Hope to get more tips to that


Equaliser doesn't update, Audio isn't working also. What could the problem be?

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