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Galaxy S4 slow and blurry

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My Samsung Galaxy S4 was working good when I make videos on then about two days ago the videos were all slow and blurry. I have looked up lots of things to fix this like clearing the cache or cleaning my phone screen but it is not working please help.
Asked: 05:06 31/01/2016
twinsrul 05:06 31/01/2016
Welcome to MobiFAQ! Did you clear the app cache only or the system cache partition?

Do you notice poor performance in other apps as well?
kenall 05:06 31/01/2016
Same person. I cleared all of the camera's, the gallerys, and musical.lys cache. I am also seeing that I cannot take pictures because when I click to see them it says "unable to find item"
twinsrul 05:06 31/01/2016
Clear the system cache partition as described in that link.
kenall 05:06 31/01/2016
I did that and my is still slow and blurry. Then my camera is not letting me take pictures or screenshots saying that "unable to find item"
twinsrul 05:06 31/01/2016
Do screenshots work in Safe Mode?
d360 05:06 31/01/2016
Time for a FULL RESET!

Galaxy S4 slow and blurry

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