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Grayed out wifi button.

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WWifi button is grayed out on iPhone 5s. Have tried all the fixes I can find including restoring to factory settings. Nothing works, any ideas?
Asked: 09:42 18/05/2016
nevets 09:42 18/05/2016
If you reset to factory settings, and set up as a new iPhone (and DIDN'T restore from a backup), then you have a hardware issue. If you reset to factory settings and then restored from backup, reset the phone to factory settings once again and set up as new iPhone. Test again.
zareef 09:42 18/05/2016
Yup, set up as new phone. Guess I'll head to the Apple Store.
zareef 09:42 18/05/2016
nevets 09:42 18/05/2016
That stinks.

Definitely check back in as the answer to your scenario may help others down the road.

Grayed out wifi button.

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