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Haptic not working on Apple watch messages

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Haptic works for phone calls but not messages on my Apple Watch sport. Tried a reset, re-pairing, spoke to apple chat and we still couldn't solve the problem. I'm awaiting a call back from an Apple advisor but just wondering if anyone else has the same issues. I have all the settings correctly set because I get a haptic tap for sketches and heartbeats but not messages. Phone calls tap me as well as the person calling showing up on home screen but I get nothing with a text. The texts do appear on the watch but only if I go into messages I'll see them.
Asked: 04:42 19/04/2016
canuckuk 04:42 19/04/2016
i have same sort of problem. mail messages not giving haptic. generally finding the haptic way too light. got it on max setting and still don't feel much. wondering if my watch is faulty. can feel it if i'm sitting still and focused on it...

let me know if you work it out.

tlewis33 04:42 19/04/2016
Hi there I have finally got mine working but yours might be a different issue to mine but try what I tried anyway as you're probably pulling your hair out like I was.

Turn off wifi and Bluetooth on any iPad you're using and sleep the iPad.

Turn off any Mac you are using too.

Close all the apps on the iPhone (double tap home button and swipe apps away).

Turn off wifi and Bluetooth on iPhone.

Turn iPhone off and back on again and then turn wifi and Bluetooth on.

Erase watch and all contents and then re pair it with the iPhone again from new.

When asked to install apps select ok and let it finish.

This worked for me.

Also make sure your phone is closed/locked and not open to receive haptic for text messages or they won't work.

This issue may not be the same for mail but its worth a try.

Turn prominent haptic on in the settings in the watch app on the iPhone, its gives a stronger buzz on your wrist.

I hope this works for you and anyone else with a similar problem.
kasto 04:42 19/04/2016
HHad the same issue I turned off and on my watch and it worked fine after that
canuckuk 04:42 19/04/2016
All seems to be working ok now. Generally speaking i still find the haptic a bit weak even with the 'prominent' feature enabled. But at least i'm getting feedback for all messaging...

thanks for your suggestions.
timburton 04:42 19/04/2016
Yeah, mine is not working either. I did the whole restart thing. It worked briefly, then it went back to not working. I'm so frustrated with this watch right now, I'm very close to just returning it and telling everyone the Apple Watch is horrible.
hidyhohidyho 04:42 19/04/2016
This worked for me!When I initially set it up, I forced it to turn off because i thought it was bootlooping for some reason. At any rate resetting it cleared the issue for me (I didn't turn off all my macs, iPad, and other phones and this trick worked for me)
hp003 04:42 19/04/2016
This happened to me as well. I unpaired and did a reset. Worked for a day and text taptic quit working again.
softsell 04:42 19/04/2016
When you go to the Watch app on the iPhone, then in Sounds and Haptics, when you change the haptic strength settings, does it run a sample on the watch? I don't feel anything on the watch when I changed around the strength.. is that normal?

Also, what is "Prominent"?
johnv 04:42 19/04/2016
do either of you have tattoos and do you have the password set on your watch and if you do have the password set on your watch do you have to unlock it everytime you roll your wrist to check the time? the only reason i ask this is because i have a tattoo on my left wrist and because of this the wrist detection on my watch won't work which causes it to not send me my alerts and all. I switched to my other wrist where i have no tattoos and now i have no problems i get all my alerts heart beat sensor works great and i don't have to keep unlocking it unless i take the watch off. I was also reading something about the watches coming out of china having a haptic feedback issue.
twinsrul 04:42 19/04/2016
While my Apple Watch notified me (e.g., sound, and wrist tap) of emails, the iMessage was not working. After ensuring that the iPhone and Watch settings had the appropriate notifications turned on, I reset both devices (but did not unpair), as recommended in this thread.

All is working now after the simple reset.

I also bumped up the taptic, which provides a bit more force/touch on your wrist. Seems to be user preference and what gets your attention enough to lift the watch. I also upped the alerts to notify me 3 times of any unread text message (i.e., if you don't respond, it'll tap your wrist again).

Still experimenting, but if the Apple Watch serves as a 2nd display to your iPhone, then it serves the purpose well. Instead of pulling your phone out of your pocket, unlocking, and going through buttons to see emails and texts, the Watch does well to provide the same "glance" information by lifting your wrist.

Haptic not working on Apple watch messages

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