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Hard to hear even with volume on high

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It is very hard to hear phone calls even at the highest volume. No problem when using speaker phone mode. Problem started after phone shared my pocket with a melting chocolate.

Thanks for any help,

Asked: 05:06 04/04/2016
mia 05:06 04/04/2016
Check the bottom right side of your iPhone where the speaker is. Make sure it's free of debris.

Cleaning your Apple products
fluke 05:06 04/04/2016
Thanks for responding. As I was cleaning off the rest of the phone with toothpicks and an open safety pin, I included those holes and did remove some chocolate. I worry that I have (or may with more prodding) drive the debris in deeper. I considered holding it over a steaming kettle, but worry this could damage the inside of the phone. I live more than 4 hours away from the nearest Apple store and don't have a car. But I want advice from those more techie than I am before I try any more home remedies. I still find it strange that this situation does not affect the sound on the speaker phone ????

Again, thank you.

dcmginc 05:06 04/04/2016
Definitely don't use a steaming kettle. Remember steam is moisture.

The speaker grill has a couple of layers. Even if you clean up the very outer layer, you won't be able to get to the second layer.

Ideally, the grill needs to be replaced. Apple don't offer this service. They can only exchange your phone for a refurbished unit at a cost.

You can forgo post warranty support from Apple, and take it to an independent repairer who can replace the speaker grill for you. It's a reltively quick and easy fix.

Hard to hear even with volume on high

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