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Has anyone developed an app to auto respond to all text messages?

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It seems so simple ... an app that you could set up to respond to text messages, letting people know you're not available. It would be customizable, like an email auto responder. Does this really not exist for the iPhone?
Asked: 21:51 09/01/2016
mauveduh 21:51 09/01/2016
No. It's not possible under Apple's rules. It would require access to core services, which is not allowed as it would present a security risk.
melfan 21:51 09/01/2016
So Apple would have to build this into its IOS? And they haven't because it would work differently depending on what service provider you had? It feels like a feature so many people would want.
mauveduh 21:51 09/01/2016
It has nothing to do with what service provider you have, it has to do with the ability of 3rd party apps to access core functionality of the device.

Has anyone developed an app to auto respond to all text messages?

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