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Health App - Editing Medications

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I just starting inputting information into the Health App on my iPhone 6 Plus.

I entered my medications, then I noted a typo.

But, I can't seem to edit the information I had previously entered for 1 of my medications.

Do I have to delete all of my medications information entered & then reenter everything just to make a correction to 1 medication?

Tell me it ain't so ! ! !
Asked: 05:27 21/05/2016
musoiud 05:27 21/05/2016
It ain't so!

When you're in the Medical ID screen, tap on the Edit button in the upper-right corner, then scroll to the incorrect medication and tap again where you want the text input cursor to appear.
david 05:27 21/05/2016
I really do appreciate your input.

But, that is exactly what I cannot do.

When I tap where I want to add some additional text, it jumps down to the end of the medication list.

I can put the cursor at the end of some of the lines of the medications information - but not for all medications.

And, I can never add the cursor in the middle of a line of information.

It is really weird.
musoiud 05:27 21/05/2016
Sometimes the text cursor is very temperamental...

Try a simple Reset: hold down the Home and Power buttons until you see the Apple logo (15-20 seconds).
david 05:27 21/05/2016
It has gotten a little better - but still not 100%

When I tap where I want to add some additional information, it still jumps to the end - but if I just start typing, it "usually" does add the text where I want it, but I cannot see it adding the text. I have to "Save" the changes & it is "usually" there.

Will do the reset if it doesn't improve in the next couple of days.

Another Question though:

I know this app is for someone to "view" my medical information in case of an emergency.

But, is there any way to "print" it without having to do the Copy / Paste thingy?

Health App - Editing Medications

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