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Help! I accidentally deleted pictures from file manager

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I downloaded an app called disk digger. What does it mean hidden by settings? and it says that I need to download a root I don't know how to do that please help I wanna get pictures back of my baby
Asked: 12:15 07/03/2016
rhastman 12:15 07/03/2016
Welcome to MobiFAQ! See this guide: [Guide] Recovering Deleted Files. If you deleted photos from Internal Storage, you have to root the phone in order to use a program like DiskDigger. Rooting is the process of gaining superuser access, which I don't recommend for novices. On top of that, rooting does require writing some data to the phone, which can overwrite any potentially recoverable deleted data.

In the future, make sure you turn on Google Photos Auto Backup, which will automatically save your photos to your Google Photos in the cloud. Remember that phone storage and SD cards are not forever, and can fail or be lost unexpectedly--you should be backing up your important photos and other data on a regular basis somewhere.

Help! I accidentally deleted pictures from file manager

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