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Help I Lost 6 GB of internal storage!!!

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I bought the Moto X Pure with 16 GB and I decided to add a 32 gb micro sd card. I formatted it as internal storage and went to settings> storage and usb> internal storage. I pressed the 3 dot menu in the upper right corner to migrate data to my sd card. Around midway through the process i got a notification saying there was not enough storage. Now my phone is telling me that I've used 9.52 gb out of 9.61 gb internal memory used. It seems as if 6 gb were erased. Before I did this I had plenty of data left. My phone is also telling me that I cant even receive sms messages anymore and certain system functions wont work. Even basic stuff like the camera app have been removed. Can someone please help me?
Asked: 09:15 02/04/2016
trieste 09:15 02/04/2016
Haven't heard of anything like this yet. Have you tried a cache clear in settings?
4comp 09:15 02/04/2016
Yeah i have
sethahem 09:15 02/04/2016
I would suggest a factory reset and see if that restored the memory. Be sure to backup what data you have before the reset. Let us know how that goes.
4comp 09:15 02/04/2016
It appears that I have fixed it somehow. I migrated my data from the internal storage to the sd card, but that didn't help. Then I migrated it back to the internal memory and it still didn't fix it. But then I migrated the data AGAIN to the sd card and it seems to have worked. My camera app is back which is good. A couple of nonessential apps were removed, but other than that i believe I fixed it. Weird I've never had anything like this happen before.

Help I Lost 6 GB of internal storage!!!

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