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Help: turn off shuffle in iTunes on an iPad mini

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I have an iPad mini. iTunes shuffles all my songs all the time. I have tried most of the suggestions including making sure shuffle is off when sinking. The shuffle message appears when I play a song from an album or playlist but touching the red "shuffle" button on the screen has no effect other than jumping to another random song. The crossed arrow icon next to the button never changes. How do I turn off shuffle so that I can listen to my music in order. Highly frustrating!
Asked: 02:51 29/04/2016
besthealth 02:51 29/04/2016
I assume that you mean in the Music app, not the iTunes Store app. The song that is currently playing should show at the bottom of the app ; try tapping on the song name there to make the song full screen, and bottom left should be a shuffle icon ; tap that and and it should, hopefully, turn shuffle off ; tap the downward-pointing arrow top left to minimise the track and go back to the track selection screen.

Help: turn off shuffle in iTunes on an iPad mini

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