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How can I remove Cortana from my Nokia Lumia.

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Cortana showed up on my Lumia 822 Windows cell phone. When I try to access it I get a message that it cannot respond because it is not the right language for my region. Since i didn't download it, I have no idea what language is loaded, but I cannot get rid of it. It is turned off, but remains on the phone. When I got to settings it shows it is off, but I cannot remove it. Anyone have an idea?
Asked: 09:54 09/02/2016
kgarder2 09:54 09/02/2016
It is part of the OS and baked in. It is not an 'app' of sorts. You should able to go into settings - region/language settings and set up US language etc and it will work fine. If you don't require it, the magnifying glass / search button will divert you to Bing.
saz 09:54 09/02/2016
Here are the settings you need to enable Cortana...

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How can I remove Cortana from my Nokia Lumia.

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