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How can I use the Apple Watch timer for times less than one minute?

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As a first responder I need to be able to take a pulse which requires counting heartbeats for 30 seconds and multiplying by 2. Can't find how to start a sub 1 minute timer. I am unable to rely on doing this through Siri as she doesn't reliably react correctly in a high noise environment.
Asked: 20:45 06/03/2016
doctorj 20:45 06/03/2016
Yeah. I have come to that conclusion. I've put in a feature request in Apple feedback. I tried using third party timers, but unlike Apple's timer they don't alert you when the timer reaches 0 and the display is turned off. I'm trying to raise awareness of this issue as the watch is useless for emergency medical assessments. People who aren't emergency medical responders like me don't understand this issue.
cemlouis 20:45 06/03/2016
I did a quick search of the App Store and noted at least one app that might do what you want. It's "Due – Reminders, Countdown Timers." I suggest you do a more complete search to see if there is one there that might provide the 30 second time you need.
doctorj 20:45 06/03/2016
I've tried several third party countdown timers and although they allow sub minute timers they don't alert you when they are done and if the display is off, then you don't know that the time has elapsed. You can't keep the display on long enough to watch the timer fully countdown.
chachi 20:45 06/03/2016
The closest thing that is currently available is to switch to the "Chronograph" watch face and hit the timer button in the upper right corner.
kevinb 20:45 06/03/2016
you have to use the digital crown
chachi 20:45 06/03/2016
Using the digital crown will not allow setting a time that is less than a minute, which is the issue we are trying to address.
balances 20:45 06/03/2016
Or just use the watch face. After displaying the watch face tap the screen and it will stay on for 75 seconds.
vicorly 20:45 06/03/2016
The wake period of up to 70 seconds (rather than 75) is not the default on tap behaviour.
vicorly 20:45 06/03/2016
The Utility, Simple and Colour watch faces each include a large second hand, which you may find helpful for conveniently timing periods of less than one minute.

Under watchOS 2 and later, Apple Watch can remain awake for:
  • Up to around 6 seconds, when waking the watch by raising your wrist;
  • Up to 15 seconds on being tapped (the default setting), or;
  • Up to 70 seconds on being tapped.

For your choice of the longer time periods to apply, interact with your watch by tapping the display or pressing the Digital Crown. For example:
  • Wake your watch by tapping on it, or;
  • Wake your watch by pressing the Digital Crown once, or;
  • Tap on the display when the watch is already awake, or;
  • Press the Digital Crown when the watch is already awake (for example, if it is set to Resume Last Activity on wrist raise, you may need to press the Digital Crown to return to the watch face).

To choose between 15 and 70 second time periods:
  • On your iPhone, in the Watch app, go to: My Watch> General> Wake Screen - under On Tap, select the setting for 15 or 70 seconds.

Note that, if your wrist is lowered during that time, your watch will still return to sleep.

if you would like Apple to consider adding new features - including support for Timer periods of less than one minute - you can submit feedback here:
vicorly 20:45 06/03/2016
If you have not yet done so, the instructions below explain how to update your iPhone and Apple Watch to the latest software (the 70 second wake time option is available under watchOS 2 and later):

- Update the iOS software on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch - Apple Support

- Update the software on your Apple Watch - Apple Support

To switch to using a different watch face:

- When viewing the time on your watch, press firmly on the display> swipe left / right to your preferred watch face> either tap on the Customise button (to customise any available watch face features and/or complications) or just tap on the selected watch face to start using it.

How can I use the Apple Watch timer for times less than one minute?

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