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How do I add Outlook to the taskbar?

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I want to add Outlook to the taskbar so that i don´t always have to search for it. But if I want to add it (like I used to with the older windows it doesn´t work)

How can I do so?

Thanks in advance
Asked: 10:36 15/01/2016
linladen 10:36 15/01/2016
1) Right Click on Mail

2) Select More

3) Select "Pin to taskbar"
buddhagraifx 10:36 15/01/2016
Open Outlook, right click on app taskbar icon, select "Pin to taskbar".
zgren 10:36 15/01/2016
that´s what I tried! It doesn´t work. The menu doesn´t open when I do a right click
linladen 10:36 15/01/2016
that´s what I tried! It doesn´t work. The menu doesn´t open when I do a right clickIt is not an OS issue, some settings on your computer has changed. I would suggest to check your mouse settings.
zgren 10:36 15/01/2016

Thank you, it somehow worked now

How do I add Outlook to the taskbar?

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