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How do I clean my bands to make them look new and white?

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I've been having the apple watch since last September and I think a month after I bought it I've been seeing stains on the bands. And I want them to look new.
Asked: 21:09 08/06/2016
redleg 21:09 08/06/2016
Hi Christian

Apple's instructions for cleaning Apple Watch bands are available here:

Cleaning and wearing Apple Watch - Apple Support

To avoid stains or damage, it is important to always keep Apple Watch and the band clean and dry in accordance with the cleaning and care instructions. Apple also advises that band colours may vary or fade over time.

Note that cleaning your bands using abrasives or cleaning products is outside Apple's published guidelines, so may render them ineligible for warranty service.
redleg 21:09 08/06/2016
If you are concerned about a potential manufacturing defect, contact Apple Support (mail-in service may be available) or make a Genius Bar reservation with a view to having your bands checked under warranty:

Contact - Official Apple Support
webwhiz 21:09 08/06/2016
Thanks for the help
redleg 21:09 08/06/2016
You're welcome!

How do I clean my bands to make them look new and white?

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