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How do I get my apple watch to stop pausing the fitness app by itself when I am working out?

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The last five times that I have tried using the fitness app to go on a run, it has automatically paused within the first 30 seconds. I am not sure how to fix this because it was working last week.
Asked: 14:00 11/05/2016
reh3363 14:00 11/05/2016

The behaviour that you describe may be caused by your watch losing contact with your skin, causing it to believe that it has been removed from your wrist. This would cause the Workout app to pause automatically.

A loose fitting band can trigger this by allowing your watch to lift from your wrist and/or by allowing clothing (for example, the end of a sleeve) to slip beneath the back of the watch.

During exercise, Apple Watch should be worn snugly on the top of your wrist. Apple suggests that you consider tightening your band before workouts and loosening it again afterwards. Better contact with your wrist may also improve heart rate sensor performance during your workout.

More information:

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reh3363 14:00 11/05/2016
Workouts may also be paused or ended early due to accidental interactions with your watch's screen (including by clothing). To help prevent this, you can lock the screen:

- At any time after starting a workout, press firmly on the display and tap on Lock.

- When you are ready to end the workout, press firmly again and first tap on Unlock.

How do I get my apple watch to stop pausing the fitness app by itself when I am working out?

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