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How do I personalize the Apple Watch display?

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I would prefer to have the Apple Watch display something fun while I am wearing it instead of being off all the time. What is the best way to personalize it?
Asked: 05:24 08/06/2016
scott23 05:24 08/06/2016

It is not possible to have the screen on Apple Watch permanently awake whilst the watch is being worn.

To customise your watch face, follow the instructions here:

Customize the face of your Apple Watch - Apple Support

It is not presently possible to install third-party watch faces or to customise your watch beyond the options that Apple has made available.

If you would like to suggest that Apple considers offering additional personalisation options, you can submit feedback here:
markr37 05:24 08/06/2016
Take a look at the app Monogram. It lets you put emoji on the watch face. It still won't stay on all the time, of course.

How do I personalize the Apple Watch display?

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