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How do i save my important messages in Whatsapp?

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Hi, i want to save or take note some important messages in Whatsapp app.
Like a date, appointment time, location ... I have to read, search or scroll to find these messages, it takes a lot of time.
Asked: 02:25 13/10/2015

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tom 02:28 13/10/2015
Yes, you can, in Whatsapp version 2.12 or higher in IOS, it allows you to bookmark any message.
To do it, tap and hold on the message you want to bookmark, you might see a star icon. Tap to it to bookmark the message!
I don't have any Android or Windows Phone device to test this feature. But it works on iOS
thor 02:33 13/10/2015
Tks, do viber or imessages have this feature?
hulk 02:30 13/10/2015
Good question. I usually take a screenshot of every important message to memorize it.

How do i save my important messages in Whatsapp?

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