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How do I transfer music from my Galaxy S5 sd card to my new Samsung Note 5

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I purchased a Samsung Note 5 which does not have the sd card slot and I have 3300 songs on the sd card in my Galaxy S5. I need to get my music to my new device. How is that possible.
Asked: 14:54 15/04/2016
jorge 14:54 15/04/2016
Welcome to the forums. You should be able to connect the S5 to your PC, and pull all the files from the SD card. After that, you can plug the Note 5 in and drop all the files back into it.
moneymancn 14:54 15/04/2016
I bought one of these and it worked for me to transfer from my S5 to my Note 5.

Anpower 3in1 USB Connection Kit HUB Sd MMC Tf Card Reader Adapter for OTG Mobile Phone

Posted via the *Note 5*
clubbin714 14:54 15/04/2016
Smart Switch is an option to consider. Looks like it will transfer music among other things.
Samsung Smart Switch™: Transfer Contacts, Music & More
2003m2003 14:54 15/04/2016
Do you still have the old S5? If so, put the card back in, install esfile Explorer on both phones, open app on both, find your folder, long press and share. Select your note 5 and transfer away

How do I transfer music from my Galaxy S5 sd card to my new Samsung Note 5

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