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how do i unlock my Nokia Lumia 1520 phone after upgrading to windows 8.1

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i upgraded my Nokia Lumia 1520 from windows 8.0 to windows 8.1 and i can not use the phone anymore because its permanently on flight mode and i can't connect to my mobile Network. please i wan't Solution to solve this problem.
Asked: 06:39 13/01/2016 06:39 13/01/2016
Can you reset the phone to default? Then reload with your Microsoft account. You'll be asked to

get a text message or phone call to get a code, once you get the code, you'll need to enter it, so

the phone can get restored.
coldclimber 06:39 13/01/2016
Try this trick: 1520.3 airplane mode stuck

how do i unlock my Nokia Lumia 1520 phone after upgrading to windows 8.1

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