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How does Blackberry HUB+ work on Samsung Galaxy A5 devices?

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We have few Samsung Galaxy devices in the company and we want to use all Blackberry apps on them. Is there any issues to consider? These devices have to work so we want to avoid any troubles.
Asked: 15:27 02/12/2016
jnolan 15:27 02/12/2016
I use some BlackBerry apps on my moto z force, and I haven't had any problems. So you should be fine.
enterprise_seo 15:27 02/12/2016
Thank you.
dodgygeezer 15:27 02/12/2016
If you pay for the subscription it should work great..... Ads always got in my way otherwise.

How does Blackberry HUB+ work on Samsung Galaxy A5 devices?

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