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How is Windows Hello on the Lumia 950?

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I got a Lumia 950 a few months ago. I know that the Lumia 950 is capable of using the new Windows Hello feature. I'm interested in learning more about it and am considering using it. But there's an article I found on which was less than flattering for Windows Hello on the 950 and 950XL.So I'm wondering, has Windows Hello on the 950 improved since the article on back in January?
Asked: 11:27 07/12/2016
rpingar 11:27 07/12/2016
yes lumia 950 has windows hello support , this will help you on how to:
with the regular firmware and software OTAs the windows hello service has become much more reliable and snappier than ever.
condor 11:27 07/12/2016
I wear glasses and the success rate is about 95% I'd say, even during the day outside. If I were you I'd just try it. If you don't like it then don't use it.
kippie 11:27 07/12/2016
It has improved a great deal since the early days. It is much faster. My only complaint is that there is no "frame" to help you aim the IR camera at yourself when you are trying to log in. On the XL at least, you have to hold it at a slight angle. Still seems a little like a beta feature, but much improved, more polished. Give it a try! Pro tip: spend some time improving recognition in different lighting, with/without glasses, etc.

How is Windows Hello on the Lumia 950?

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