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how to add music from my pc to samsung s6 edge

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How do I set "external harddrive mode on the samsung s6 edge
Asked: 04:12 18/04/2016
rainborick 04:12 18/04/2016
Download Isyncr on both your computer and S6. Follow the directions. You can either download music via USB or wifi. If you're downloading all your music, and its a large file, use the USB option. It'll be quicker. Then when you add songs later on, you can use wifi.

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lbubb 04:12 18/04/2016
I use Wifi File Transfer but for larger files you may need the Pro version (it's only $1.40). Just open the app on your phone & it gives you an ip address to type into your browser on your computer. I use a Chromebook so anything that required me to install an app on the computer was pretty much out of the question.
staring 04:12 18/04/2016
Step 1: Hook USB into PC

Step 2: After it's auto-installed, pull down the notification bar and change USB mode to USB-MTP

Step 3: Copy files over like you would onto a USB drive, find the folder you want to drop them into (I made a music folder) and you're set. Samsung Music, for instance, automatically searches the phone for new music.

how to add music from my pc to samsung s6 edge

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