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how to back up lumia 735 on w10m

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When I go to Settings and Backup it says Back up to OneDrive but there is no indication of frequency or when backup might occur
Asked: 23:27 04/02/2016
agpvoodoo2 23:27 04/02/2016
For Backup of Apps-

-Go to backup and select More Options

-Select the apps you want to backup

-Click on Backup now

For backup of Photos

-Go to Onedrive>the Menu icon (three horizontal lines in the top left corner)>Settings>Camera upload, then turn it on.Pictures that you take or save will now be automatically uploaded to onedrive.

For Backup of text message-

-Go to Settings>Messaging and turn on text Backup.

how to back up lumia 735 on w10m

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