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How to Backup Health and Activity Data?

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I would like to do a fresh installation on my iPhone 6s from release 9.3 to 9.3.2. My question is how can I backup Health and Activity data only?

I couldn't find any option in iTunes or iCloud to backup specific Apps. Please advise.

- Salah
Asked: 22:57 07/06/2016
jackobo007 22:57 07/06/2016
You may find the following third-party solution of interest:
jackobo007 22:57 07/06/2016
Hi Salah

It is not presently possible to only back up Health and Activity data via Apple's backup and restore process.

Health and Activity data - along with other sensitive information (such as account password) - is included within encrypted iPhone backups.

It is possible to exclude such data from a backup (by making an unencrypted backup via iTunes), but it is not possible to only back up and restore sensitive data.

How to Backup Health and Activity Data?

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