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how to block my lost 520 lumia set

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my 520 lumia mobile was stolen yesterday. i want to block the same to prevent misuse. i signed into windowsphone .com.but not getting my phone menu.please guide me in this respect.
Asked: 20:33 14/10/2016
mcampos 20:33 14/10/2016
Hi welcome to MobiFAQ.
Log in to your Microsoft account, ( . navigate to " Devices" option onscreen after log in and you could see your device registered and visible with last known location in the map over it. Click on your device (lumia 520) and choose the option to find my phone. Next you will have 3 options
You can choose what fits you, but do remember You must use the account associated with your lumia 520.
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how to block my lost 520 lumia set

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