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How to change color of the pointer of Apple Watch?

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How to change color of the pointer of Apple Watch? In the Color style Apple Watch you ca change the color of the masince, marks, complication, etc. However, the hour and minutes pointer stays white and the second pointer dark red. Is there a way to set the pointers to become gold as well?
Asked: 11:45 01/02/2016
laszlo_tg 11:45 01/02/2016

It is not presently possible to customise the colour of the hands or the second hand on the Colour watch face.

If a customisation option is not shown for any particular feature of any particular watch face, then it cannot be customised.

More information:
laszlo_tg 11:45 01/02/2016
If you would like to suggest that Apple considers adding further customisation options, you can do so here:
rokatesh 11:45 01/02/2016
laszlo_tg 11:45 01/02/2016
You're welcome!
rokatesh 11:45 01/02/2016
Thanks! I have just done exactly that: I suggested Apple to include the option to change the color of the pointers in the Color Style Display. We can change only the marks and complications colors, not the pointer colors in the latest version of Apple Watch OS.

How to change color of the pointer of Apple Watch?

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