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How to get AT&T Samsung Galaxy Mini to work with my Straight Talk SIM card?

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I currently have a straight talk LG phone that I have broken the display on. A friend gave me a Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini to use instead. How do I get the Mini to recognize my straight talk SIM card?? Thank you.
Asked: 20:06 04/02/2016
blueveil 20:06 04/02/2016
Assuming it's an AT&T Straight Talk SIM, just put the SIM card in. If it's a SIM card for a different carrier (Straight Talk is the network operator, the carriers are AT&T, Sprint, TMobile and Verizon), you'll need a Straight Talk AT&T micro-SIM - contact Staight Talk tech support.
mobiques 23:56 21/12/2017
Is the Samsung GAlaxy Mini locked to any GSM network? If so, you can unlock the phone and swap any GSM carrier to it. To unlock, I suggest you can approach and specify the country,locked network of phone.Based on the availability you can get the permanent unlock service along with free instructions.

How to get AT&T Samsung Galaxy Mini to work with my Straight Talk SIM card?

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