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How to interface with the Apple Watch for the purpose of accessing its internal memory?

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Unlike other apple products which can be directly connected to a PC via USB, the Apple Watch is completely wireless from the point it exits the factory, as far as I am aware.

Aside from a 6-pin diagnostic port under the watches strap I am unaware of any method of connecting the device to a PC physically.

I need to be able to connect the device to a Windows PC such that I am able to make a forensically sound copy of the devices internal storage, in image format. By internal storage I mean any part of the device which stores data.

I am currently in the field of digital forensics however I have only ever worked with Windows and Linux, therefore my experience with Apple is limited.

What hardware could I use to extract the data I need from the device and/or where could I find more information on the matter?

Thank you for any input on the matter.

Although I have not received any information back from apple in regards to the hardware, through checking the device drivers that are available for the watch I have discovered further information on the types of storage that the watch uses.
Asked: 14:18 21/04/2017

How to interface with the Apple Watch for the purpose of accessing its internal memory?

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