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How to retrieve text messages received while abroad?

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I spent the last two weeks in Europe on a European SIM. After swapping back my US SIM upon landing, I was able to send texts and make calls (including the people I texted but didn't hear back from) and found out they had replied, but I didn't get it. I can imagine I received several texts while overseas, but I haven't gotten anything else. 6 hours later, two replies trickled in from the people I texted upon landing, otherwise I have nothing. FWIW, I'm on AT&T. Never had this problem with T-Mobile where I would always do the same (use a local SIM in the country I traveled to, and I always had US texts immediately upon returning and putting my US SIM back in).

Any ideas? I've reset everything and restarted a hundred times. No luck.

One other issue -- all my voice messages erased after I put my AT&T SIM back in. A quick search revealed those are probably lost for good, but any help on either of these is much appreciated. Thanks!
Asked: 16:36 18/05/2016
stephenbauer 16:36 18/05/2016
I have not heard of SMS texts stacking up for delivery - and i have T Mo

Of course given T Mo's international text and data plan - I never change SIMs when traveling

Have you checked with AT&T since SMS is usually a carrier function?

How to retrieve text messages received while abroad?

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