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How to start/stop video recording on iPhone using Apple Watch Camera app

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How do you start and stop a video recording on your iPhone remotely using the Apple Watch's camera app? I have no problem taking still shot pictures but I don't see an option for video.
Asked: 09:00 08/06/2016
pyc 09:00 08/06/2016

To begin streaming video from your iPhone's camera to your Apple Watch, just tap on the Camera app icon on the Watch. It will automatically launch the Camera app on your iPhone, even if the iPhone's screen is off, and you'll see the video feed on your Watch. When you're done on the watch tap End Video.
debunked 09:00 08/06/2016
Hi David

This is incorrect / an invented answer.
debunked 09:00 08/06/2016
It is not presently possible to start and stop a video recording on your iPhone remotely using the Camera app on Apple Watch.

The app can presently only be used for taking photos.

More information:
debunked 09:00 08/06/2016
If you would like to suggest that Apple considers adding remote video recording functionality to the Camera app on Apple Watch, you can do so here:

How to start/stop video recording on iPhone using Apple Watch Camera app

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