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How to unlock after locked in tablet mode?

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I was reading email in tablet mode that I locked in position. Now I have laptop open again and I can't unlock/open Windows 10 or anything though I can click on the icons. I think I locked something and now I need to undo, but don't know what. I have turned laptop off and restarted and i still can't open Windows.
Thanks for any help. This is a brand new laptop that I'm unfamiliar with so I'm assuming /hoping it's something simple I just don't know yet.
Asked: 10:21 07/12/2016
aduggan 10:21 07/12/2016
Hi to MobiFAQ. I really don't know what you have done. I suggest you boot into Advanced Startup. There are many ways to recover there. If you need more help, please join the forum! Are you saying that you can't boot in windows? Did you set up a Microsoft password? When you say that you can't do any thing, that leaves a lot of questions! Join the MobiFAQ Community!

How to unlock after locked in tablet mode?

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