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HTC Desire 510 screen randomly turns on

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The screen on my HTC Desire 510 randomly turns on every few seconds, regardless of whether its charging, lying down, or in my pocket, and is killing the battery life. The phone also automatically goes onto speakerphone whenever a call is made or received.

Anyone with a reason or solution will be most appreciated!
Asked: 10:03 07/03/2016
vastbeyond 10:03 07/03/2016
Welcome to MobiFAQ! Do you have a case on, or are there any magnets near the phone? Magnets might affect the phone's smartcover sensor, which turns the screen on and off.

Does this happen in Safe Mode? The steps for this phone should work for yours:
navro 10:03 07/03/2016
Thanks very much for the reply. There is no case on the phone, and the problem occurs everywhere, so magnets are most likely not the reason.

I have just tried it in safe mode, and the screen is still randomly lighting up. Turned it to aeroplane mode too, and it's still happening...
vastbeyond 10:03 07/03/2016
I'm guessing there's something wrong with the hardware. The Power button might be faulty, and could be registering presses intermittently even when not touched.

HTC Desire 510 screen randomly turns on

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